CyberPowerPC Announces Gaming Desktops with Core i7 “Ivy Bridge-E” Processors

CyberPowerPC has finally unveiled the classic gaming PC equipped with the latest Intel Core i7 “Ivy Bridge-E” processors. CyberPowerPC has decided to incorporate the following versions of its highest performing gaming PCs with these processors.

• Fang III Black Mamba and Cobra
• Zeus EVO Storm series
• Pro Gamer FTW
• Power Mega III

With the Ivy Bridge-E, all the processor options are unlocked and they are ready to support constant overclocking for the maximum speed even during the highest demanding games. Gamers who want the ultimate gaming experience have been given three options all equipped with the latest core i7 chips by Intel. These options include the six-core i7-4930K, quad-core i7-4820K or the highest ranked among these being the i7-4960X six-core processor.


All versions of these gaming systems offer remarkable speed enhanced with the Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 by Intel which encourages smooth running despite of the usage of demanding and heavy applications. Moreover, multitasking is no longer a problem or a hindrance in excellent performance with the help of the Intel Hyper Threading.

High speed being the most demanded feature in every gaming PC has been made possible with the venom boost option for over clocking. This technology by CyberPower has increased the speed of these new gaming PCs to up to 30%. With these ultimate gaming series, CyberPower promises no overheating with prolonged usage as the systems have been designed with water cooling systems which comprise of the Advance Hydro Liquid Cooling Kit with 480mm radiator or the dual pump Advance Hydro 2 system. These PCs are expected to be available at a price range starting from $1,859.

Source: CyberPowerPC | News Archive