Apple’s iWatch May Arrive in 2014

Yes you read that right. Apple may be making wrist watches even. There are rumors that Apple may release a smart watch called the iWatch in the third quarter of the year 2014. This surprising story has come out with courtesy of a KGI Securities Analyst who is also of the view that the purpose of iWatch will not only be time telling, or displaying information but it will be something more than that. The iWatch will be useful providing safer user identification and superior health tracking features.


It’s the first time that Apple will be entering the Wearable computing market by offering its iWatch. KGI expects that this device will have a two-inch touch display panel. If this item becomes successful it will give tough competition to the other wearable sensors.

Earlier iPhone made it needless to carry pocket cameras and or put GPS device in your cars. This time it’s the iWatch which has come up with a calorie counter, just what we need to start off our mornings with and not forgetting that this iWatch will be able to display emails which a regular calorie counter can’t.

Still it’s the talk of the town whether iWatch will be as successful as iPhone was. It is expected that iWatch will depict the iPod nano in terms of its components, mainly in respect to its main processor and its touch technology.

Stay tuned since we don’t exactly know when this device will be hitting the market but we will surely keep you updated.

Source: HNGN | News Archive