Seagate Launches 4TB Made for Video Hard Drive

Seagate technology has unveiled the world’s first purpose built 4TB hard drive for video storage applications put up to deliver high quality performance and operation. With its capacity of 4TB, this is equivalent of 480 hours of high definition content and specially designed for video surveillance, set-top recording box and DVR’s (digital video recorders).

The question does arise that how this hard drive is different from standard HDD. Seagate explains well that this HDD supports up to 16 high definition video streams or 20 standard video streams at one time which are best for high security environment which demand 24×7 surveillance assuring both low power and heat emissions. This 3.5 inches hard drive basically covers 4 main features i.e. high storage, streaming ability, consistency/reliability and acoustics.


Having an annual failure rate of only 0.55%, the device is certainly quite reliable. Seagate has an experience of 10 years in the video market providing us with the most reliable storage media which has been recognized by the company’s latest launch of 4TB HDD.

When we talk about using this product in our home environment, the Seagate video 3.5 HDD is build in such a way that it almost limits its audibility while operating without causing disturbance in the ambience which is possible because the drive operates below the range of audible sound for the human ear which is 2.3 decibels.

Just for your information 4TB of storage actually has a capacity of saving 400 full length DVD quality movies taking 9.4GB space each.

Details on pricing and availability are not known yet. So keep visiting us for updates.

Source: Seagate | News Archive