Razer to Unveil Dime-Sized “Future of Gaming” at Exclusive Event

“What’s thinner than a dime?” is the teaser for the announcement of Razer’s latest product at an event in San Francisco on Thursday. Razer says that it will introduce the new product for their hard core game lovers. Although it hasn’t done a good job with its teaser trailer since it doesn’t give us any idea about the product and eventually feels annoyed with it.


Razer already has blade gaming notebook and razor edge gaming tablet to its name so most likely that the upcoming secret device which we assume is super sleek will be the Switchblade which will be announced during the event in San Francisco on Thursday, May 30th. As far as the model design is concerned the handheld is just about the size of a phablet fitted with a multitouch screen running windows 7 or 8 on Intel Atom processor.


This device will come with 3G and WiFi connectivity along with a vibrant keyboard. It also includes mini HDMI, USB 3.0, headphones and mic jacks with an added option of gaming mouse.
Will not only this device be used for gaming purpose but also other computing tasks would be applicable on it, such as web browsing and office tasks. To sum up, this device will be a phablet/pc. It might also have phone like function too.

Obviously here we are just assuming that how will the device look like and what will be the name. So just hang on and wait till tomorrow to know the real switchblade inside-out. For further details stay tuned.

Source: Razer | News Archive