Apple to Launch iPad Maxi 12.9-inch Tablet in 2014

A spell of rumors have spread online that Apple will be launching a new tablet. Along with much awaited next generation iPhone, iPad and iPad mini it is predicted that the company is working on a giant 12.9-inch screen called the iPad Maxi which will be the biggest tablet display if launched.

iPad Maxi

According to a Korean website, Apple is trying to get the necessary machinery required to launch this device in early 2014 from Koreans and other manufacturers. Basic competitor would be the 13” laptop market since no other tablet is offering this big screen display. The main selling edge of this iPad would be its comparable screen, its revised battery life and portability. It is expected that this 13” tablet will create hype in the tablet market.

It is reported that the trend of tablets is increasing day by day and lesser people incline towards PCs. But people mostly prefer buying tablets with an average size of 8 inches or smaller. If the Apple is launching this product, the device mobility might have to be compromised; also developers would have to redo their apps to be compatible with the tablet until it has a low screen resolution.

Secondly iPad mini (7.9-inch) is much in demand in market than iPad (9.7-inch) so getting down with a 12.9 inches display, it sounds little risk-involving. That’s the reason we are assuming that it’s going to be an alternate for the 13inch notebooks, just what Apple needs in a post PC world.

Source: (Korean) | News Archive