Silicon Power Announces the JEWEL J10 Flash Drive

Silicon Power SP which is world’s renowned company when it has to come to memory storage solutions has surfaced up with a newly designed flash drive called JEWEL 10. It comes with high technology and sleek outlook and the groove on top makes it certain that it can be hung with a key chain which can be very appealing. Its not only an ordinary storage device but also a status symbol allowing you to express yourself.


This attractive little thing will catch your eye right away with its stainless steel design and extraordinary appearance giving you an ideal blend of style and portability both. Weighing just 3.1g all inside a a casing of (31.5×12.2×4.6mm), this flash drive will give you the true feeling of mobility and ease. The outer coat does not only save itself from scratches but also protects itself from the damage caused by vibration, water and dust.

This flash drive is a perfect example of an outclass product offered by SP(Silicon power) adding style to your lifestyle. J10 comes in a multiple storage capacities like 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB along with a life time warranty. SP widget application software offers 7 major backups ,security tools and a 60 days trial version of Norton Internet Security(NIS) software suite. The Chip on Board(COB 3.0) technology is a main advantage, without it this size would have been impossible.

It not only supports Windows but MAC and LINUX operating systems as well.

Source: Silicon Power | News Archive