Samsung Smartphone Fingerprint Sensor Confirmed

Every passing day we get to hear different discoveries in the field of technology. Likewise according to the latest report the Samsung will have fingerprint sensor under the phones front screen, still unknown which upcoming handset will comprise of this benefit. It does not come as surprise since there is already a rumor about Apple that its next gadget iPhone 5s or 6 will use this technology in its customized home button. Apparently Samsung is working on same operation too.


Fingerprint sensors would be a new feature in the world of smartphones. There are a number of advantages relating to it. Not only it gives a simple user experience but also includes faster and secure payments through your smart phone with the help of this fingerprint sensor. Mobile security is also one of the main benefits of this technology. Since it’s easy to hack a four digit pin or a pattern but the finger print belongs to you and you only. With these added features it is most likely expected that this technology will make its way out to flourish.

Since so far none of the top line mobile phone is having the feature of fingerprint sensors and among the two giants Samsung surely does not want apple to beat it in this technology. That is the reason we believe that Samsung Note 3 could make use of this scanning technology first.

Hope we don’t have to wait much for this “natural login” to be in our new handsets as well. Stay tuned for more info.

Source: VR-Zone | News Archive