Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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AMD Kabini Low Power APU Lineup Detailed

AMD's upcoming low power APU "Kabini" lineup has been detailed in a leaked HP spec sheet. The series will launch with no less than five models and chips could be built in both the AM1 and BGA packages. The series will start with the dual core E1-2100 and E1-2150. These will feature clock speeds of 1.0 GHz and 1.05 GHz respectively, 1 MB of L2 cache and Radeon HD 8210 graphics. The CPUs are based on the "Jaguar" micro-architecture. The HD 8210 has 128 stream processors and is based on the Graphics CoreNext architecture.

All NewsHardware News

AMD FS1b SoC Socket to be Rebranded AM1

We spotted at few of AMD socket FS1b motherboards at CES 2014. These motherboards are meant to support AMD's "Kabini" APUs which have the chipset integrated into the SoC. So these motherboard have CPU sockets, memory slots, PCI-Express, display, SATA, power, and other legacy I/O interfaces. AMD has decided to rebrand this socket as AM1.

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