Friday, July 20, 2018
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AMD FS1b SoC Socket to be Rebranded AM1

We spotted at few of AMD socket FS1b motherboards at CES 2014. These motherboards are meant to support AMD’s “Kabini” APUs which have the chipset integrated into the SoC. So these motherboard have CPU sockets, memory slots, PCI-Express, display, SATA, power, and other legacy I/O interfaces. AMD has decided to rebrand this socket as AM1.


AMD will be releasing 3 APUs in March that will be based on the Jaguar core. These APUs are said to have a performance boost of up to 10% over APUs that were based off the Bobcat core. While these APUs will feature GCN cores they will only support DirectX 11.1 and not 11.2.


The APUs you see listed above are the A4-5350, A4-3850 and the E1-2650. All of these APUs have a TDP of 25W.

Source: VR-Zone | News Archive

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