Thursday, July 19, 2018

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Razer Kraken Pro Gaming Headset Review

The Kraken Pro Analog Gaming Headset was a product that I received after competing in the annual Tiger Direct PC Race. Only after the event was over and all the hoopla from <a href="">CES</a> calmed down did we decide that the Kraken Pro was one of the products we received that we legitimately wanted to review. Razer has a history of making wild claims regarding PC products, i.e. The Razer Blade: The World’s First Gaming Laptop or the Razer Edge Pro: The World’s First Gaming Tablet but with the Kraken Pro they are making a claim based on one of the most subjective topics in product reviews…comfort. The Kraken Pro has a lot to live up to, especially when you make a claim like that, so let’s see how it holds up.

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