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Unitek 10-Port USB Charging Station Review

If you have a lot of different devices or even portable chargers for those devices your charging situation is likely a mess. This has happened to me multiple times and having a charging / cable mess was not ideal. This is where Unitek's 10-Port USB Charging Station comes in. It provides 10 powered USB ports with 2.4A per port with dividers that act as stands to keep all of your devices organized. This is definitely the ultimate charging station for someone who has a lot of devices to charge at once. It even offers two Quick Charge 3.0 ports for rapid charging of QC3.0 compatible devices.

Griffin PowerDock 5 USB Charging Station
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Griffin PowerDock 5 USB Charging Station Review

It seems every new device that we get comes with a USB charger. Phones, tablets, speakers and more and all charged using USB. When you start to load up on devices and they come with their own power brick and after a while you run out of places to plug them in! That is where USB charging stations come in. They make it easy to charge multiple devices at once and typically you are only taking up a single power outlet. Griffin’s PowerDock 5 gives you 5 powered USB ports for your devices and on top of that is designed to keep everything relatively organized and clean. If you have multiple devices that need charged via USB then this is definitely a product you want to look at. Let’s take a look and see what it’s all about.

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Griffin BreakSafe USB-C Cable Protects Your MacBook

For many years Apple has used MagSafe and MagSafe 2 power adapters for their laptops. MagSafe magnetically connects to the laptop's case, so if someone would trip over the cord, the connector would safely breakaway without damaging the laptop or port. Although with Apple's latest MacBook, MagSafe has been eliminated for a standard USB-C port. Griffin decided to bring back a magnetically connected cable by introducing BreakSafe USB-C Cable.

inStream SeptimusB 7 Port Fast USB Charger
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inStream SeptimusB 7 Port Fast USB Charger Review

It seems everything these days is charged via a USB connection, our smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones, fitness bands, and even cameras. With this outlets and power strips are packed with all of the charging bricks that are associated with these devices. Well inStream wants to change this with their SeptimusB 7 Ports Fast USB charger. This device uses a single power connection but gives you 7 powered USB ports. On top of that it has a built-in surge protector to protect your devices and intelligent technology which distributes the maximum power to each device plugged in. Let’s see what the SeptimusB is all about!

Patriot FUEL iON
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Patriot FUEL iON Kit Review

If you own any type of mobile device you know keeping it charged is a pain. You lose the charging cable that came with the device, that cable breaks, or you lose the wall adapter. It just happens and it is annoying. Well Patriot who we typically know for their memory and solid state drives has an easy way for you to charge your devices that makes it much more convenient. The product I am talking about is the FUEL iON kit which is comprised of a phone case and charging stand. The thing that makes this kit different from other charging devices is that it features a magnetic power transfer pad that not only will charge your device without a “real” connection, but will also hold your device securely in place. Want to know more? Keep on reading!

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