Monday, October 22, 2018

CES 2016

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New High Speed Patriot USB Drives on the Way

As our multimedia demands increase along side the quality and subsequent file sizes we are starting to need better solutions for transporting large amounts of data. The most straight forward solution is to use faster nand and interfaces in a traditional USB flash drive. Enter Patriot and their memory expertise with three new USB flash drive products.

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New Power Banks By In Win Make Appearance on Show Floor at CES

Power banks have become a must have item almost all of us thanks to the number of mobile devices we use all day. A power bank can really save you when you've drained the battery on your phone and can't get to a wall outlet. Taking us away from the boring black boxes that most power banks are, In Win has developed a really great looking series of power banks.

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Thermaltake Shows Core X5 Cube Case

When Thermaltake launched their Core X cube cases they had the Core X1 (mini-ITX), Core X2 (micro-ATX) and Core X9 (E-ATX), so there was a pretty big gab between the Core X2 and X9. The X9 was just a little too big for many people so Thermaltake has come out with an ATX Core X Cube case which is the Core X5.

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