New High Speed Patriot USB Drives on the Way

As our multimedia demands increase along side quality and subsequent file sizes we are starting to need better solutions for transporting large amounts of data. The most straight forward solution is to use faster nand and interfaces in a traditional USB flash drive. Enter Patriot and their memory expertise with three new USB flash drive products.

The first we’ll cover is the Supersonic Magnum2. This bulky drive is available in capacities up to 512GB and boasts theoretical speeds up to 400MB/s 300MB/s read and write. This drive is currently available for $249 from your favorite retailer.


Next is another bulkier drive from Patriot but this one is quite a bit slower on the write side than the Magnum2. This one is the Supersonic Mega and is also available in sizes of up to 512GB with read and writes of 380MB/s and 70MB/s. Look to spend $219 for this drive by the end of Q1.

Finally we come to a much smaller Viper branded drive. This one can be had in capacities up to 256GB with reads and writes of 380MB/s and 70MB/s. Look to spend $94.99 on this drive and expect it by the end of Q1.

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