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New High Speed Patriot USB Drives on the Way

As our multimedia demands increase along side the quality and subsequent file sizes we are starting to need better solutions for transporting large amounts of data. The most straight forward solution is to use faster nand and interfaces in a traditional USB flash drive. Enter Patriot and their memory expertise with three new USB flash drive products.


Synology DS-212+ Network Attached Storage Device Review

Synology loves hardware revisions, and the DS-212+ is the latest in the business series of dual-bay NASes from the network storage company. Sporting a faster processor, USB3, and lower power consumption, the DS-212+ shapes up to be a good improvement on the <a href="">DS-211+</a>. ThinkComputers has the review.


CES 2010: Super Talent

Taiwan-based Super Talent made an appearance on the main show floor this year, having been at <a href="">Sands last year</a>. VP of Marketing Joe James welcomed the change, noting more traffic and interest in Super Talent's newest products, USB 3.0 drives and high performance RAM.


CES 2010: Silverstone

<a href="">Last year at CES 2009</a>, Silverstone wowed us with the uniquely shaped Raven and the aluminum unibody Fortress, two high end gaming cases. Both cases are aimed at the high-level enthusiast market. This year, however, Silverstone recognized the economic stress the world's having, and turned out some chasses in a lower price range. Additionally, it released updated versions of its HTPC, Mini-ITX, and gaming chassis lines, weighed in on USB3, and unified its power supply line under a single name.

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