Thursday, July 19, 2018

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Cooler Master MasterKeys PBT Keyboards
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Cooler Master MasterKeys PBT Keyboards Review

We took a look at Cooler Master's MasterKeys Pro lineup of gaming keyboards about 3 months ago. These were the new generation of gaming keyboards from Cooler Master and we liked them quite a lot. We were wondering when the MasterKeys keyboards we saw at CES in January with the very unique keycaps were coming out, well today is the day. These new keyboards are of course the Cooler Master MasterKeys PBT Keyboards. The main difference between these keyboards and the ones in the MasterKeys Pro lineup is that they come with high-quality keycaps made of PBT plastic, rather than the traditional ABS plastic used in almost all keycaps on the market. This gives them a very unique feel and they are able to maintain their texture over a longer period of time. Today we have both the MasterKeys PBT S and MasterKeys PBT L decks, so let's see what they can do!

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CM Storm QuickFire TK Cherry MX Green Limited Edition Released

Cooler Master has gained a lot of fame in the world revolving around cooling solutions and it has been concentrating side by side on its vast portfolio. Talking of this, it has recently launched its compact gaming keyboard, the QuickFire TK. The keyboard has been introduced in a limited edition with amazing Cherry MX Green switches and the keys come with backlighting of Razer-like green.

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