CM Storm QuickFire TK Cherry MX Green Limited Edition Released

Cooler Master has gained a lot of fame in the world revolving around cooling solutions and it has been concentrating side by side on its vast portfolio. Talking of this, it has recently launched its compact gaming keyboard, the QuickFire TK. The keyboard has been introduced in a limited edition with amazing Cherry MX Green switches and the keys come with backlighting of Razer-like green.


The distinctiveness of the keyboard lies in the Cherry MX Green switches which have a moderate stiffness if their own and they have even faced a good feedback. And this has been going beyond the Cherry MX Red with an edge of having a tactile feedback and a more ‘clicky’ actuation. Apart from this fortunate difference, the keyboard pretty much holds its original form and is still identical in many ways to the original version. It comes with 92 keys and has the same measurements of 377.5 x 138 x 33 mm (LxWxH). This also includes the main cluster, 7 macro multimedia keys and a number pad. And all this for only US $122.

Source: CM Storm | News Archive