Friday, July 20, 2018

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Cubitek Mini Center
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Cubitek Reveal Mini Center Aluminum Mini-ITX Chassis

The Cubitek Mini Center encloses a modern passive cooling design and intelligently placed ventilation which is further assisted by the heat dispersing aluminum construction. This in result gives silent performance when connected to the TV or sitting on the desk in the office.


Cubitek Tank XL-ATX Case Review

I know many of you probably have heard of ATX, mATX and even E-ATX motherboards, but what about XL-ATX?  XL-ATX is a newer motherboard form factor that is mainly used on gaming motherboards.  The <a href="">G1 Assassin from Gigabyte</a> is actually an XL-ATX motherboard.  XL-ATX boards are just a tad bit larger than normal motherboards and there are not that many cases that can house them.  Well the Cubitek Tank XL-ATX case is one such case.  This all aluminum case not only will house your XL-ATX motherboard, but large video cards up to 310mm and longer power supplies 220+mm.  The Tank also features 4 included cooling fans, tool-free hard drive installation, USB 3.0 connectivity, a VGA card holder and is water-cooling ready.  Let’s drive right in and take a look.

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Unboxing the Cubitek Tank XL-ATX Case

Today we are doing our first case Unboxing! The case in question is the Cubitek Tank XL-ATX case. This case is one of a few available XL-ATX cases. XL-ATX cases are made to fit the larger XL-ATX motherboards like the <a href="" target="_blank">G1 Assassin</a> from Gigabyte and a few other motherboards. This is actually the first time we have taken a look at a case from Cubitek so read on to see our unboxing video and our initial impressions.

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