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Counter Logic Gaming Razer DeathAdder Team Mouse Released

Whenever it comes to the higher performing gaming systems and software, Razer certainly is a name that doesn't go by without any consideration. It has been affiliated with the eSports community for a very long time and is also known for producing the best quality gaming peripherals. With so many successful products, Razer is happy to announce yet another great one; the Counter Logic Gaming Razer Death Adder gaming mouse which is going to come in limited edition.

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<strong>Carlsbad, Calif. – Jan. 27<sup>th</sup>, 2011</strong> – In 2006, the world of gaming was taken by storm when the Razer DeathAdder was unleashed.  Those who wielded it crushed their opponents with ease, and it became synonymous with gaming excellence.  Now, five years on, the DeathAdder is used by more professional gamers than any other gaming mouse, a testament to its prowess in securing them legendary status in the history of competitive gaming.  Razer released the Black Edition as a commemoration of this glorious collaboration between every single gamer and their never-failing, trusty DeathAdder.

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