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GTA V PC Could Only Support DirectX 11

GTA V PC has been giving out quite confused results on the incorporation of the DirectX 11 mode. Rumors have recently been circulating indicating towards the DirectX 11 being the only mode employed in the GTA V PC. Some fans have also been going through the PS3 build code but it has been stated that there was no sighting of any code related to the DirectX 9 or DirectX 10 mode. This will surely represent no inclination towards the other two modes being present.

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Sapphire HD 5830 Xtreme 1GB Video Card Review

I’m sure many of you remember AMD’s 5800 series of video cards, they were the first family of video cards in the world to support the advanced graphical features of DirectX 11.  It has been quite some time since their original introduction and Sapphire has decided to relaunch the series with the HD 5850 Xtreme and the HD 5830 Xtreme.  Today we will be taking a look at the HD 5830 Xtreme which features 1120 stream processors, 56 texture units, an 800 MHz core clock and 1GB of DDR5 memory.  Let’s check it out!


CES 2011: AMD’s Fusion APUs

When it comes to netbooks and small form factor PC’s Intel really has taken over. The Atom chip really made things affordable and gave netbooks enough power to do basic tasks. At CES 2011 AMD announced its Fusion Family of Accelerated Processing Units (APUs). These chips have a single die design with multi-core CPU technology, powerful DirectX 11 discrete level graphics and a dedicated high-definition video acceleration block. AMD sat down with us and discussed their new Fusion APU’s and what products we can expect to see with a Fusion APUs in them.

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Sparkle GeForce GTS 450 1GB Video Card Review

Today we have another GeForce GTS 450 video card on the test bench.  As we said in our previous GeForce GTS 450 video card review the GTS 450 is NVIDIA’s lowest end DirectX 11 card, and it’s $100-$129 price tag reflects that.  These cards might not be the most powerful cards out there, but they will not break your wallet so if you are a gamer on a budget this may be the card for you.  Also this card can make a perfect dedicated PhysX card.  Let’s take a look at the GeForce GTS 450 from Sparkle and see how it performs compared to the competition.

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Gigabyte GeForce GTS 450 1GB Video Card Review

NVIDIA’s current lineup of graphics cards has the top performers like the newly released GTX 580 and the GTX 480 that has been out for some time now.  These cards will give you top of the line performance, but will put a considerable dent in your wallet.  If you are on a budget NVIDIA’s GTS 450 maybe be what you need to get yourself into the DirectX 11 game.  This is NVIDIA’s lowest end DirectX 11 card.  Today we will be looking at the GV-N450-1GI from Gigabyte which does offer a higher clock speed and better cooler than NVIDIA’s reference GTS 450 card.  This card also will not break the bank as it can be <a href="" target="new">found online for around $119</a>.  Let’s take a look...

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Digital Storm Integrates World’s Fastest DirectX 11 GPU into Black │OPS Gaming PC

<strong>Fremont, Calif. - (November 9, 2010) </strong>– Digital Storm, the predominant name in system integration, proudly announces NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 integration into its Black|OPS gaming systems. With the addition of these power GPUs, gamers can now leverage the unparalleled performance of the world’s fastest DirectX 11 GPU. The GeForce GTX 580 is NVIDIA’s flagship GPU that delivers a seamless gaming experience unlike any other. With overall improved overall performance and an innovative vapor chamber thermal design, the GTX 580 blazes through the latest games while running quieter than the previous generation. The new processor supports all the premium GTX gaming technologies, including NVIDIA Surround, 3D Vision, PhysX and SLI.

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