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Futuremark Working On New DirectX 12 and Vulkan Benchmarks

Futuremark is working on two new tests for its 3DMark benchmarking suite. The first is a new DirectX 12 benchmark. While we already have "Time Spy", the new DirectX 12 benchmark will be less taxing and is made to test notebook graphics and entry-level graphics cards. It will be much like how "Sky Diver" was a less intensive test to "Fire Strike".

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Civilization VI Gets a DirectX 12 Renderer in Latest Update

The latest update for Sid Meier's "Civilization VI" is a pretty big deal for PC gamers. In the latest update Firaxis Games has added a DirectX 12 renderer, which allows the game to take advantage of the performance-enhancing features that were introduced with the DirectX 12 API. These include multi-thread rendering, which could improve frame-rates in CPU-limited low-resolution setups.

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Futuremark Teases “Time Spy” DirectX 12 Benchmark

Futuremark is teasing its first Benchmark for DirectX 12 graphics. This benchmark is called Time Spy and we actually told you about it back in December. This benchmark is set in a museum-like 3D scene and many lighting effects. Miniature exhibits featuring previous scenes from 3DMark benchmarks are shown. The benchmark is also ready for new generation displays including high resolutions beyond 4K Ultra HD.

3DMark Time Spy
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3DMark “Time Spy” Next-Generation Benchmark Shown Off

Graphics card maker GALAX revealed Futuremark's 3DMark Time Spy benchmark at a media event held in China. Futuremakrk's unnamed upcoming next-generation 3DMark suite will include many DirectX 12 game tests, one which is Time Spy. This game tests is set in a museum-like 3D scene and many lighting effects. Miniature exhibits featuring previous scenes from 3DMark benchmarks are shown.

DirectX 12 Mixed Multi-GPU
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DirectX 12 Mixed Multi-GPU Actually Works

One of the biggest features you will see talked about with DirectX 12 is asymmetric multi-GPU, which lets you mix and match different GPUs from both AMD and NVIDIA as long as they support a consistent feature-level. In the case of "Ashes of Singularity" that is Direct3D 12_0. In order for this to work you need two DirecX 12 graphics cards and of course a DirectX 12 application, don't expect this to work on DirectX 11 games.

AMD Mantle
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AMD Halts Development of Mantle API

AMD has stopped development of its Mantle 3D graphics API for current and future graphics cards. No new optimizations will be made, but current graphics cards will retain Mantle support at the driver level to run existing Mantle applications, but there will be no new updates or performance optimizations from AMD.

DirectX 12
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Windows 10 and DirecX 12 Coming in July 2015 According to AMD

Windows 10 has to be one of the most anticipated Windows OS in a very long time. Not only is Microsoft adding many features users actually want and bringing back the start menu, the OS will also come with the new DirectX 12 graphics API, which has already proved to be quite impressive. Microsoft has promised to have the operating system ready for summer, but we are still not sure when the final release date will be.

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