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Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3-1866 16GB Memory Kit Review

When it comes to choosing memory for a new system we have many choices.  From the high-end with crazy heatspreaders and LED lights to the plain-jane green modules without any heatspreaders.  Corsair has always been on my list when recommending memory, especially for the high-end.  Previously Corsair’s high-end offering was their Dominator GT line, which were great and were very popular.  Corsair is back with a brand new line called their Dominator Platinum.  The Dominator Platinum modules are built using only select memory ICs, highly-screened for performance and stability and feature a new industrial design and LED lighting effects.  These have to be some of the best looking modules I have seen all year!  But how do they perform?  Read on to find out!

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Corsair Launches Dominator Platinum DDR3 Memory

<strong>TAIPEI, Taiwan — June 5, 2012 — </strong><a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Corsair®</strong></a>, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced the Dominator Platinum range of DDR3 memory kits, the world’s most technologically-advanced performance memory. The new design adds a customizable light bar to the list of exclusive features, which includes patented DHX cooling, Corsair Link™ support, and hand-screened, super-overclockable DRAM ICs.


Corsair Dominator DDR3-1600 i7/i5 Optimized 4GB Dual Channel Memory Kit Review

It obviously wasn’t an insurmountable problem, as we saw DDR3-2000 triple channel kits not long after the release of the LGA 1366 i7, and I found that not only did they do DDR3-2000 at that voltage, they were all able to be overclocked beyond that. Now that the LGA 1156 has been released, we need dual channel kits utilizing that same low voltage requirement. That obviously was no problem, the memory was already there, they just needed packaging that held only two modules rather than three. Today I will be looking at one of Corsair’s low voltage dual channel kits, the Corsair Dominator DDR3-1600 i7/i5 4GB Dual Channel kit. It is XMP enabled, sports Corsair’s Dominator cooling fins, and timed at 8-8-8-24. Of course its Vdimm is 1.65v. Will the Dominator dominate? Read on to see!

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