Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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ECBC Pegasus Wheeled Backpack

ECBC Pegasus Wheeled Backpack Review

Traveling is amazing, some of the best experiences of my life have been when I have been traveling. One downside of traveling is of course packing and then going through the security checkpoints. Typically when I travel I have a backpack for my laptop and other electronics and a carry-on style piece of luggage for my clothes. ECBC has combined those two into what they are calling the Pegasus Wheeled Backpack. At first glance it looks like a typical piece of carry-on luggage, but open it up and you have room for your laptop and all types of electronics. On top of that it can be a rolling bag, or you can wear it on your back as a backpack. Did I mention the Pegasus is TSA safe, meaning you don’t need to remove your laptop from the bag when going through a security checkpoint. Let’s see what the Pegasus is all about!

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