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AMD Launches Embedded EPYC 3000 and Ryzen V1000 Processors

AMD today introduced two new product families - the AMD EPYC Embedded 3000 processor and AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 processor - to enter a new age for high-performance embedded processors. AMD EPYC Embedded 3000 brings the power of "Zen" to a variety of new markets including networking, storage and edge computing devices, while AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 targets medical imaging, industrial systems, digital gaming and thin clients. These new AMD Embedded processors deliver breakthrough performance, exceptional integration and on-chip security.

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AMD Announces New Radeon Embedded GPUs

AMD today announced the AMD Embedded Radeon E9170 Series graphics processing unit (GPU). The new processor is the first "Polaris" architecture-based AMD Embedded discrete GPU available in multi-chip module (MCM) format with integrated memory for smaller, power-efficient custom designs, as well as PCI Express and MXM formats for standard form factor systems.

Biwin Introduces Half Slim H6201 Embedded SSD
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Biwin Introduces Half Slim H6201 Embedded SSD

The world’s leading expert in the development and manufacturing of flash and superior NAND flash memory, BIWIN has introduced a new business-level SSD that is just perfect for the digital signage market called the Half Slim H6201. As we know for a fact that the field of digital signage is consistently on a verge of growing and that a lot of digital applications are emerging. We find that it is highly important that the components are durable, reliable, efficient and low on maintenance cost to be capable of withstanding harsh public and outdoor environment.

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Innodisk Releases Embedded SATA nanoSSD

Innodisk has announced the world’s first industrial embedded SATA nanoSSD. Since we know for a fact that that single chip SSDs run at a much more freely pace than their corresponding items. It measures (0.63x0.79) in size and takes just 1W of maximum power but still can read at a speed of 480MB/s and further and writes at 175MB/s. It is one of those SSDs that can supposedly pack desktop-class storage into any type of Smartphone and tablets. Still uncertain whether where and when will see this drive in a complete form.

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