Innodisk Releases Embedded SATA nanoSSD

Innodisk has announced the world’s first industrial embedded SATA nanoSSD. Since we know for a fact that that single chip SSDs run at a much more freely pace than their corresponding items. It measures (0.63×0.79-inches) in size and takes just 1W of maximum power but still can read at a speed of 480MB/s and further and writes at 175MB/s. It is one of those SSDs that can supposedly pack desktop-class storage into any type of Smartphone and tablets. Still uncertain whether where and when will see this drive in a complete form.


Whether used for data storage, data cache backup or system booting, nanoSSD can considerably improve overall performance of the system. With the addition of the control chip, flash memory and nonessential power components into a single BGA wrap, Innodisk has actually reduced the size of nanoSSD just about 1% the size of a 2.5-inch SSD having a weigh of 1.5g only.

It is expected that demand for embedded memory technology will increased big time in this year having a benefit of world’s smallest form factor disk it is fully in compliance with the industrial embedded industry’s standards.

This product further adds the worth through firmware optimization making the life of its flash products longer owing to wear-leveling technology which actually allows users to see in a glimpse the clear graphical display to exchange damaged disks before they seize and fail.

Source: Innodisk | News Archive