HP Refreshes Desktop Lineup, Haswell Offered

Yes you got that right the traditional tower desktops are still getting refreshed. HP has just introduced its five new towers in their desktop line up starting from there space saving mini PC to high definition gaming ones. Intel’s new Haswell processors will be offered across the board on all desktops. There’s a lot to know about the specifications for each, so for the sake of convenience we have mentioned them one by one.

hp desktop

HP ENVY Phoenix 800: it’s a complete gaming PC which will be offered with Haswell processor. It is configured with the new NIVIDIA GPU still not known which one. So it seems it hasn’t been announced yet. It will go on sale on June 5th with a starting price of $1099.

HP ENVY 700: in assessment to Envy Pheonix 800 this tower pc would be functioning for high multimedia processing. Unsure about the features and specs it will be offered with a blend of 2013 AMD processors and Intel Haswell chips with optional NVIDIA graphics or AMD. Not knowing about the GPUs. Moreover you get three compartments for hard drive/SSDs, optional dual speakers and sub woofers while Beats Audio is standard. It will go on sale on 5th June with a price tag of $599 or up.

Pavilion 500: coming down to HPs lower priced tower desktop, this one will too be offered with Haswell processor with your choice of AMD or NVIDIA graphics. It comprises of two hard drive bays with 32 GB of RAM, dts sound+ system with subwoofer support. June 5th is the day for sale at a price of $490.

Pavilion slimline 400: is a mini tower desktop with Haswell processor and optional NVIDIA Graphics. It has Dts sound+ with full subwoofer support. Will be sold on June 30th at a price tag of $400.

HP 110: it will be offered with AMD and Intel Haswell processor with 2GB of storage, 8GB RAM and optional optical drive. Look for it on June 5th at a price of $289.

Source: HP | News Archive