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ThinkComputers Podcast #105

In this episode of our weekly tech podcast we talk about our reviews of the ROCCAT Nyth and the HP S700 Pro solid state drive, Radeon RX Vega possibly being a paper launch, Ryzen ThreadRipper, new X299 motherboards, eSports and much more!


HP S700 Pro 512GB Solid State Drive Review

HP is a brand you've had to hear of if you been following the PC industry for any length of time. HP has been at times the world's leading PC manufacturer, and who would have thought it all started in a Palo Alto garage. In recent years HP still has a very large PC business, but they also have a very successful flash product division. The way HP solid state drives work is that HP licenses its name to other companies who build the drives, but each drive has to pass through HP's internal qualification testing before it is released. Previous HP solid state drives have gone widely unnoticed as they were more mainstream drives. Well today we are taking a look at the new HP S700 Pro which features the SMI SM2258 controller as well as Micron 3D TLC NAND, the same combination we've seen in many enthusiast 2.5-inch solid state drives. Let's jump in and see what this drive can do!


ThinkComputers Podcast #78

In this episode of our weekly tech podcast we talk about our review of the MSI X99A XPower Gaming Titanium Motherboard, AMD's upcoming Vega GPUs, AMD Zen, HP possibly crippling 3rd party ink cartridges, how you can watch the presidential debates on Twitter and more!

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HP Cripples Third-party Inkjet Cartridges On Purpose?

It looks like a legal storm could be brewing for HP. HP is one of the world's largest manufacturers of inkjet printers. Users around the world have reported that HP has programmed its printers to no play well with third-party ink cartridges. Apparently HP Inkjet printers are programmed to malfunction when a non-HP made ink cartridge is used, on an arbitrary date of 9/13.

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HP Reinvents the Desktop to Enable New Experiences

HP Inc. today debuted two new PCs, HP Pavilion Wave and HP Elite Slice, that are revolutionizing traditional designs for the home and workplace. HP is transforming the desktop PC to create unique experiences that deliver the power customers expect in small, creative designs. The HP Pavilion Wave is designed for entertainment and productivity for the home by combining desktop power and great audio experiences.

HP Spectre
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HP Unveils the World’s Thinnest Laptop

Today at the New York Times International Luxury Conference, HP Inc. raised the bar for the premium PC experience with the debut of the new HP Spectre, the world's thinnest laptop. The HP Spectre and new premium portfolio were showcased alongside the results of the company's collaboration with world-renowned designers Tord Boontje and Jess Hannah. The collaboration features exclusive, limited edition luxury notebooks at the intersection of high-end art and leading technology.

HP Envy 17 Leap Motion (Special Edition)
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HP Unveils First Ever Leap Motion Technology Equipped Laptop

HP has finally released its newest laptop featuring the Leap Motion technology. After months of anticipation, the worldwide leader in computer manufacturing has revealed the HP Envy 17 Leap Motion (Special Edition). All the hype created with this newest release can be justified with understanding this Leap Motion technology which enables the users to control the computer with the hand movements in the air. Though the Leap Motion technology was available in the Leap Motion controller, it’s the first time the technology has ever been housed inside a laptop.

HP Chromebook14
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HP Introduces the All New Chromebook14

HP has finally revealed its Chromebook 14 which is the first of its type to come equipped with the Haswell processors. It has been introduced with the highlights of giving fast access to the web, allowing ease of work and a 4G (which is optional) which ensures connectivity at all times.

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