In A Very Unexpected Move, HP Kills Spectre, Envy And Pavilion Brands

HP has implemented a new naming strategy. Most computer users are familiar with HP Pavilion, Spectre, or Envy laptops. However, these brands will be discontinued as HP overhauls its entire branding.

HP’s branding change coincides with Microsoft’s announcement of the Copilot+ laptops. As part of this shift, HP introduced two systems: the OmniBook X AI PC and the EliteBook Ultra G1q AI PC, both adhering to the new naming convention.


In summary, HP will now use two brands: Omni for consumers and Elite for commercial customers. Each brand will be subdivided into Book (laptops), Studio (All-in-One PCs), and Desk (desktops). Additionally, there are multiple tiers: 3, 5, 7, X, and U (Ultra) for consumers, and 2, 4, 6, 8, X, and Z for commercial customers.

HP explained the change by stating: “… as AI PCs rapidly reshape the personal computing landscape, we saw an opportunity to simplify the communication of increasingly complex technology.” The first laptops to adopt this new naming convention are Snapdragon X series laptops, with AMD and Intel laptops to follow.

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As a result, HP has discontinued several of its consumer series, including:

– Spectre
– Envy
– Pavilion
– Dragonfly

The chart above does not mention the HP Omen series, the company’s gaming product brand. These products will retain their own naming schema and are not impacted by this change.

Source: Windows Central