For Some Reason Microsoft Thinks This Keyboard is Worth $450

During Microsoft’s announcement of their new Copilot+ PCs and AI features they also announced a new Surface Pro Flex wireless keyboard. This keyboard is compatible with the Surface Pro 8,9, 10, and 11 models. The official name for the keyboard is the “Surface Pro Flex Keyboard with Slim Pen”, but the interesting thing is that it does not even come with the pen, there is only an indentation at the top of the keyboard to charge the pen.

surface pro flex keyboard 2

Now this is the wild part, Microsoft is selling the keyboard for $449.98! Now we’ve reviewed some really nice keyboards over the years, but $450 for a keyboard is just crazy! The keyboard itself offers 41 hours of battery life, a touchpad for haptic feedback, and the touchpad can have varying pressure levels which you can use in different applications for different functions. But wait there is more! There is a dedicated Copilot key! This brings up the AI assistant for you!

surface pro flex keyboard 3

The keyboard itself is has a Alcantara polyester-blend and will be sold in either black or bright sapphire colors. Official dimensions are 289x221x5.25 mm and it weighs in at 340g. Since you don’t get the pen with this keyboard, you’ll have the shell out another $129.99 for that! Which brings your total for the keyboard and pen to 579.97! Microsoft has lost their damn mind! What do you guys think?

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