NVIDIA AI PC Chip May Arrive Next Year According To NVIDIA And Dell CEOs

During a Bloomberg interview, the CEOs of Dell and NVIDIA suggested that NVIDIA has plans for next-generation PCs. Last year, Reuters disclosed NVIDIA’s development of an ARM-based processor capable of running Microsoft Windows on ARM, but details regarding its release were scarce. Earlier rumors hinted at a collaboration between NVIDIA and MediaTek for a flagship mobile SoC incorporating NVIDIA GPUs. However, NVIDIA clarified that the partnership is focused on integrating NVIDIA RTX GPUs into Dimensity Auto systems for automotive cockpits.

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Lately, there’s been speculation about NVIDIA collaborating with MediaTek on a gaming handheld SoC, potentially integrating NVIDIA GPUs and MediaTek CPUs for a gaming device. However, it remains unclear if this device would run on Windows. It seems that NVIDIA is indeed poised to venture into the emerging market of AI PCs.

Jensen later stated that their GPUs utilize the same Tensor cores found in their AI accelerators designed for data centers. Additionally, NVIDIA GPUs are integrated into Dell PCs to provide advanced AI acceleration for both personal and commercial applications, suggesting that NVIDIA hardware is already incorporated into AI-enabled PCs.


A Bloomberg journalist highlighted NVIDIA’s practice of integrating CPUs and GPUs into a single board (Super Chip) for data centers and inquired whether AI PCs would follow suit. Jensen diplomatically replied that NVIDIA backs various architectures and CPUs, encompassing x86 and ARM, though his response didn’t specifically highlight on personal computing.

Image: Bloomberg