ASUS ROG Ally X Specs Confirmed; Will Feature 24GB LPDDR5X-7500 Memory And Massive 80 Wh Battery

The official specifications for the ROG Ally X have been revealed, putting an end to speculations. The revamped design will maintain the Ryzen Z1 Extreme APU, boasting 8 Zen4 cores and 12 RDNA3 Compute Units, with ASUS sticking to this configuration. Additionally, the device will continue to offer a 7-inch Full-HD display with a 120 Hz refresh rate and 500 nits brightness.

ASUS ROG ALLY X HERO 1 1200x624 1

The alteration lies in the physical design to accommodate fresh hardware, notably a larger battery. A prevalent concern with the 2023 Ally was its 40 Wh battery. ASUS hinted at enhancing battery life in the upcoming version. Videocards now verify that the new update will boast an 80 Wh battery, doubling its capacity.

Additionally, the Ally X will come equipped with 24GB of LPDDR5(X)-7500 memory. In contrast, the current (2023) model offers 16GB of LPDDR5-6400 memory. Consequently, the X version will boast an extra 8GB of capacity and a higher bandwidth. This upgraded bandwidth will align with that of the Legion Go, likely impacting integrated GPU performance significantly.


ASUS has verified that the upcoming handheld will be 70 grams heavier, weighing in at 678 grams, and slightly thicker, measuring 36.9 mm compared to 32.4 mm. Additionally, the ROG XG Mobile port for the external GPU has been substituted with USB4 Type-C, offering support for DisplayPort 1.4 and Power Delivery 3.0.

Regarding cooling design, ASUS has enhanced the fan, making it 23% smaller and incorporating fins that are 50% thinner. Despite these alterations, airflow has increased by 10%. ASUS also highlights the inclusion of a “Precision D-Pad” on the ROG Ally, rated for 5 million cycles.

The new Ally will debut at Computex. ASUS has yet to confirm pricing, so the mentioned $799 price remains speculative.

Source & Images: Videocardz