Gigabyte To Reveal Z890 AORUS XTREME Motherboard At Computex 2024

Motherboard vendors are increasing their pre-Computex teasers, signaling a busy schedule with numerous announcements and new products at this year’s expo. For AORUS, this involves revealing their next-generation motherboards.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the AORUS brand, the company has announced plans to showcase a “Next-Gen Motherboard” at the event. However, the teaser image does not specify the brand or socket type, leading to speculation about whether it will support the AMD AM5 for Ryzen 9000 or the Intel LGA-1851 for Intel Core Ultra 200 CPUs.


However, when we take a recent leak into account alongside AORUS’s announcement, it becomes evident that the teaser is likely referring to an Intel Z890 motherboard.

Recently, it was disclosed that Gigabyte is developing a new series of motherboards called AI TOP. These motherboards, expected to feature the Intel Z890 chipset, will be available in AORUS XTREME and AORUS Master models. A related Instagram post includes a tag matching this description.

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Combining this information with the AORUS teaser, it’s apparent that the upcoming announcement at Computex will likely highlight the new AI TOP series featuring the Intel Z890 chipset. We can narrow this down even further.

Based on the physical similarities with the Z790 lineup, the teased motherboard design seems to match the AORUS XTREME model specifically. Therefore, it’s likely we are looking at a Z890 version. This aligns with the earlier leaks, suggesting that the AORUS XTREME Z890 will be part of the initial launch lineup for the next-gen Arrow Lake-S processors.

Source: AORUS