AMD Ryzen 9000 Desktop Series With 16, 12, 8 And 6 Zen5 Core Configs To Launch In July

A new rumor has surfaced from wjm47196, who posted a cryptic message on the Chiphell forums. This leaker has previously shared firsthand information about upcoming AMD products, many of which have proven accurate.

Reportedly, AMD is gearing up to release at least four versions of desktop Zen5 CPUs with varying core configurations. According to sources, the initial lineup will solely feature Zen5 cores without categorizing them into ‘big’ and ‘small’ cores. Additionally, it’s stated that the lineup will include variants with 16, 12, 8, and 6 cores, mirroring the initial offerings of the Ryzen 7000 series from 2022.

1413018 am5 ryzen

Allegedly, this lineup is slated to be unveiled at Computex next week, with an expected launch in July. If this speculation holds true, AMD will debut desktop Zen5 CPUs in July, followed by the mobile variant in August, according to another source.

While WJM’s remarks aren’t explicitly about the Ryzen 9000 series, it’s been confirmed by companies like Gigabyte and ASRock that the new series will indeed bear this name. Reportedly, AMD is bypassing the Ryzen 8000 series for its upcoming AM5 CPUs. Moreover, rumors indicate that AMD will skip the 700-series chipsets, jumping directly to the 800 series.


While there hasn’t been any mention of the 3D V-Cache models so far, the accelerated release of the initial Ryzen 9000 lineup might indicate that the X3D models will debut sooner than anticipated, potentially shortly after Intel launches its Core Ultra 200 (Arrow Lake-S). Historically, there was a six-month interval between the first Ryzen 7000 models and their upgraded X3D variants.

Source: Chiphell