Stay Safe with the DrinkyPal App

Memorial Day weekend is quickly approaching and so are the cookouts, open pools and good times with friends. Memorial Day weekend has solidified itself as the official start of the summer even though June 21st officially states that it’s the first day. Regardless, Memorial Day weekend should be just that, memorable. The only way to ensure a memorable weekend is by keeping safe, staying alive and out of prison.

Statistically speaking, Memorial Day weekend is known to be a dangerous time on the road due to multiple drunk drivers. On these types of holiday weekends, law enforcement steps up their game in full force targeting those drunk drivers. It’s safe to assume that no matter where you live you will hear about or see a DUI checkpoint set up nearby.

The solution to a memorable weekend is DrinkyPal, a free iPhone app designed to keep you safe. By pinpointing your exact location, the DrinkyPal iPhone app (courtesy of Clique Vodka) will pull a list of the nearest taxi’s and hotels to ensure safe alternatives other than driving. DrinkyPal has even partnered with to allow the ability to book the room right from the app! The average cost of a DUI or DWI can be anywhere from $7,000-$10,000! A hotel and taxi will cost way less than that!

DrinkyPal has become extremely helpful for me, especially during my travels. While in my hometown, finding a ride or a place to stay is often not an issue. However, when traveling, I often find myself lost in these giant cities and in need of transportation. DrinkyPal quickly finds me a list of the best options.

If you are interested in the DrinkyPal app, check out how it works!


When you visit the DrinkyPal app you will notice the age verification screen. You have the ability now to Connect with Facebook and easily log into the app. This new log in feature will automatically know if you are 21+ and it will remember that any time you are visiting the app while logged into Facebook.


DrinkyPal also features an Instagram feed. Just a fun addition that Clique Vodka added to give you the ability to share your weekend fun with friends and a cool community. Upload a pic yourself or just scroll through the feed and see how everyone else is spending their weekend.


If you decide to upload a pic, DrinkyPal has a built-in camera option to give you the ability for quick and easy sharing.


The #CliqueShots camera gives you the ability to also post your picture to Facebook and Twitter right within the app!


DrinkyPal has redefined it’s search options and made it easier for you to find the nearest taxi service. With the taxi service provided within the app, DrinkyPal uses your current location and populates an easy-to-view list of taxi services for you to call.


The ability to not only find the nearest hotel, but, also book a room at the nearest hotel is a new addition to the app. Since the app partnered with, you can be certain that you will still find some of the most competitive rates on the internet.


For more information check out the DrinkyPal website. Be safe this weekend everyone!