Rare Apple 1 Computer Auctioned for $671,400!

Well Apple’s stock price may have descended but still the company’s oldest computers are setting records. To your surprise the Apple 1 computer manufactured in 1976 was recently sold for $671,400 at an auction held in Germany including all taxes. It broke the record of $640,000 for an Apple 1 computer which was sold last November coincidentally at the same auction house.

The reason why it hit the record breaking price of $671,400 could be the scarcity of old leftovers PCs, a deep down interest with the history of computers and aura of Apple and its founders Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozinak. The old Apple 1 was originally sold for $666 which makes $2700 of our time.


It is known that only 200 Apple 1’s models were ever made out of which only 50 still exist and for the fact that the last two still work, which cannot be ignored. Does that not make them unique and rare?

The buyer of this great obsolete machine is from Far East who plans to stay anonymous. It is said this is a pure example of following your dreams that the two drop outs from California pursued to create one of the most admirable and successful companies in the world. Their company went from garage-build trial product to one of the world’s most renowned companies.

Source: New York Times | News Archive