Intel Core i5 4670K Haswell Processor Reviewed

We have already seen reviews of the flagship Haswell processor the Core i7 4770K, hell it was already overclocked to 7 GHz! How about the Haswell Core i5 processors? Well the first review of a Haswell Core i5 desktop processor has been published by Chinese website PCOnline. They took the Core i5 4670K processor through an extensive set of benchmarks and tests. Want to see how it performed? Read on!

4670k 1

They ran pretty much every test possible, but we are going to show you the tests that are most important.

First up is 3DMark’s Firestrike benchmark showing CPU performance.

4670k 2

Next is Cinebench, which shows CPU performance in rendering.

4670k 3

With all of their tests combined they have concluded that the i5 4670K is only 6% faster than the i5 3570K.

4670k 4

They did test the integrated HD 4600 graphics as well. Their first test was 3DMark Vantage.

4670k 5

Another graphics test that was run was World of Warcraft.

4670k 6

Using all of their test data they concluded that the i5 4670K + HD 4600 graphics is 23% faster than the i5 3570K + HD 4000 graphics.

4670k 7

Power consumption tests were also performed. They have concluded that the i5 4670K uses about 21% less power than the i5 3570K.

4670k 8

If you want to check out the full review head on over to PCOnline. Make sure you have translation turned on in your browser.

Source: PCOnline | News Archive

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