Intel Core i7-4770K Overclocked to 7 GHz!

Whenever a new processors comes out we always want to see how far we can push it. Well for Haswell it looks like a handful of people have already got their hands on them and have been seeing what they can do. The guys over at OCaholic have spotted quite a few CPU-Z validations on Haswell chips, one in particular shows that the Core i7-4770K was overclocked to 7 GHz at 2.56V!

haswell 7ghz

We have seen leaked benchmarks of Haswell chips for a while, but this is the first time we have seen validated overclocks. And a Haswell chip running at 7012.65 MHz (91.07 * 77) is pretty damn impressive. Keep in mind the chips that are being testing here are engineering samples too, so it is possible that the retail chips could be even more stable. The above validation also shows that the user is using the ASUS Maximus VI Extreme motherboard, which we haven’t seen just yet, but I would expect we will see it before Computex.

Source: OCaholic | News Archive

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