MSI Announces Two Mechanical Keyboards

MSI, who we mainly know for their motherboards and video cards have expanded their offerings with two brand new mechanical gaming keyboards. These gaming motherboards have a unique color scheme which will watch MSI’s M-Power products and even Avexir’s memory modules. For those looking to have a matching keyboard for those products these may be it. Taking a look at the specifications and design they do not look that bad either.

msi gk 1

The first keyboard is the GK-601. It is built with Cherry MX Red switches. Each key is created with precision laser etching for extra resistance and wear and uses 18K gold plating. This keyboard features the yellow M-Power design we know from MSI, to match that the back-lighting on the keyboard is also yellow, which is pretty rare. The keyboard also features 128KB of memory that can store up to 50 macros, has two USB ports and headphone and microphone connections.

msi gk 2

MSI also releases Classic series Keyboard with Cherry MX Red linear switches and ergonomic design which brings the best experience for office or general users.

Source: MSI | News Archive

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