MSI Z87 XPower Motherboard Teased even More

MSI has been teasing their upcoming Z87 motherboards on their Facebook pages and other social accounts. Last week we saw the MPower Max Motherboard and the past weeks before that we got a closer look at the Z87 XPower Motherboard. Well MSI is back to the XPower board releasing the photo that you see below, which gives us even more details about the upcoming board.

msi z87 4

The photo shows this distinctive X logo that is embedded on both sides of one of the heatsinks. Gigabyte also released information on their OC Genie 4 engine. The instant overclocking engine will allow users to switch between gaming mode and default mode. In gaming mode the motherboard will automatically adjust the clock speeds to for the best performance possible while gaming. Also spotted in the photo above is voltage and clock adjustment buttons.


Still no release date or price on this board, but expect one to come near launch in June.

Source: MSI Facebook | News Archive

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