Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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MSI Teases MSI Z87 XPower Board with 32 VRM Power Phases

Just last week we got our first look at MSI’s upcoming Big Bang Z87 XPower Motherboard. MSI showed a few photos and a teaser video, which did not show all that much. Today on MSI’s UK Facebook page they have released the photo you see below. The photo shows some of the components that are going to be used on this new board as part of their Military Class 4 components. These include Super Ferrite Chokes, black solid state capacitors, and a total of 32 VRM power phases!

32 VRM power phases are sure a lot and would deliver great stability to a Haswell CPU core. Also spotted in the photo are dual 8 pin CPU power connectors, which will help provide stable power to the motherboard. Of course the features we posted last week of the Power On/Off, OC Genie, Voltage Unlock, Reset and voltage adjustments switches as well as the voltage measurement points really adds to the fact that MSI is really designing the Z87 XPower motherboard to be an overclockers dream.

Source: MSI UK Facebook | News Archive

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