Digital Storms Vanquish Line only $23-$58 more than a DIY System!

When it comes to custom-built PC’s either people love them or hate them. Many people argue the fact that you could build it yourself for much cheaper, which normally is true. Digital Storm is trying to change that with their new Vanquish line of gaming PCs. Based on Newegg prices of just a few days ago Digital Storm says that their Vanquish systems will only cost $23-$58 more than if you were to build the system yourself.

digitalstorm van1

Not only is this going to save you time in building and waiting for all of the parts to come in but Digital Storm also does a 72-hour stress testing and benchmarking before they ship the system to you. Each system also comes with lifetime tech support.

Here are some system configurations:

digitalstorm van2

There are both AMD and Intel systems available. Prices start at just $699. So would you order one of these systems or would you build your own PC?

Source: Digital Storm | News Archive

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