EK Working on Full-Cover Water Block for AMD’s Radeon HD 7990

AMD has officially released their Radeon HD 7990 graphics card today and EK Water Blocks is hard at work on a full-cover water block for the new dual-GPU card. The upcoming water block will be called the EK-FC7990 SE and will directly cool both GPUs, memory as well as the VRMs (voltage regulation module). Water will flow directly over these areas. With this block users will be able to have stable overclocks as these critical areas will be kept nice and cool.

ek fc7990se

The block will also feature a high-flow design so it can be used with liquid cooling systems with weaker pumps. The water block will be available in four versions (Copper Plexi, Copper Acetal, Nickel Plexi, Nickel Acetal). EK is expected to ship the blocks by early May.

Source: EK | News Archive

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