Saturday, July 21, 2018

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HP Introduces the Envy Rove 20

HP has officially announced the all in one HP Envy Rove 20. First Sony released the Tap 20, Lenovo tagged along with its Horizon and now HP has come up with three new gadgets. It’s an all in one touch screen that you can actually grab and carry around anywhere from room to room. It’s a tablet PC with a 20 inch touch screen. An added advantage is its push button at the back which releases a hinge so you don’t have to open the stand with your hand. This spring-loaded frame folds flat in the frame behind. It weighs 11.86 pounds which can be considered portable but at the sometime it’s a half pound heavier than the Sony’s Tap 20. Screen resolution is 1080p which is extremely smooth allowing you to operate it as more of a tablet or a twenty first century board game machine.

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