Thursday, July 19, 2018

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EVO-G MP2 & MP3 Mousepads Review

Tired of using your desk, piece of paper or even that crappy old mousepad that's falling apart? Why don't you go out and buy yourself an EVO-G MP2 or MP3, the two mousepads we have a chance to look at today. These mid-sized mousepads are perfect for the average gamer and are actually quite comfortable to use. These mousepads are so soft and flexible that you could use them as a pillow at LAN parties. They both feature a high performance slick cloth weave and a powerful rubber base. Read on further to get a closer look.


EVO-G LB1 LAN Bag Review

Evolution Gaming aka EVO-G is probably not widely known among the LAN party scene, but with the LB1 LAN Bag I think they could become more widely known. The EVO-G LB1 LAN Bag comes equipped with all the necessary compartments needed to carry your PC case and extra cables and components to bring along with you to a LAN party. The LB1 has got other carrying cases beat with the sheer protection, quality material and storage space for the avid LAN party goer. It even comes with its own carrying case!

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