EVO-G MP2 & MP3 Mousepads Review

Tired of using your desk, piece of paper or even that crappy old mousepad that’s falling apart? Why don’t you go out and buy yourself an EVO-G MP2 or MP3, the two mousepads we have a chance to look at today. These mid-sized mousepads are perfect for the average gamer and are actually quite comfortable to use. These mousepads are so soft and flexible that you could use them as a pillow at LAN parties. They both feature a high performance slick cloth weave and a powerful rubber base. Read on further to get a closer look.

– High performance Slick Cloth weave
– Mid-sized design for optimum versatility
– Rubber Base For A Secure Grip On Smooth Surfaces

Size: 355mm*265mm*4mm

The EVO-G MP2 and MP3 mousepads come securely rolled inside of a small plastic box. Since it is a soft mousepad it is highly flexible, but still tends to curl up a bit after removing it from the package and laying it on a flat surface.

EVO-G MP2 & MP3 Mousepads EVO-G MP2 & MP3 Mousepads

Along the bottom of the two plastic packages resides a black sticker circling around the container. Two of the sides show the brand and product name while the other two sides cover the features and specifications.

EVO-G MP2 & MP3 Mousepads EVO-G MP2 & MP3 Mousepads