EVO-G MP2 & MP3 Mousepads Review

For the past year and a half I’ve been using the cold hard aluminum mousepad, The Steel Series SX which deemed me well for that period, but switching to the MP2/MP3 gave me a much nicer feel. While at first I noticed a complete difference in feel, obviously, since the EVO-G mousepads have a very soft and comfortable touch to them.

EVO-G MP2 & MP3 Mousepads EVO-G MP2 & MP3 Mousepads

At first use I noticed a huge difference with my mouse sensitivity. Soft mousepads don’t give nearly the high sensitivity as hard surface mousepads so it will as little difficult for me to get used to. Since I typically enjoy higher DPI settings for FPS games I had to quickly adjust the mouse sensitivity of the Cyber Snipa Stinger to get it back to what I was used to.

After using the mousepads for a few weeks I noticed that every now and then I had to readjust the mousepads because they would slide very slowly out of place, typically when gaming for long periods of time, but I find this normal for any mousepad.

I really enjoyed the soft mat over my hard mat because it doesn’t leave any marks on your arm, it stays warm, it’s soft to rest your hand on and it basically has an arm rest built into it.

Overall the MP2 and MP3 mousepads are comfortable mousepads. While they aren’t as powerful as higher end mousepads I think that these provide a good alternative to someone looking for a soft gaming mousepad. Unfortunately I was unable to find a price for these pads, but I’d expect to find them in the $15-$20 range; at least that’s what I would pay for them.

Both mousepads also give a little bit of color to the plain old mousepads with your choice of green (MP3) or orange (MP2) themes. I can’t really think of anything that’s wrong with the mousepads other than the fact that they’re not as good as one you’d pay $30-$50 for, which is to be expected. It is definitely much more comfortable and better than just a desk, piece of paper or crappy old mousepad you got 10 years ago. ThinkComputers awards the EVO-G MP2 and MP3 Mousepads a 9 out of 10 score and our Good Value Award.

– Slick surface
– Soft and comfortable
– Great for extended use
– Highly flexible

– Availability