Friday, July 20, 2018

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MSI MS-9A29 Fanless IPC
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MSI Announces MS-9A29 Fanless IPC

MSI, the leading provider of industrial PC, has just introduced a new entrenched system in the market. The recently launched MS-9A29 is an ultra compact size fanless embedded system featuring low-power Intel Atom processor, catering you with just a perfect cool solution for industrial applications.

Fanless Case 0.1
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Fanless mini-ITX and NUC cases are considered to be the cases in which the body of the cases double up as CPU coolers, but now it seems that the PC users want even more than this, probably complete ATX case which has high volume to passively cool processors with TDP of up to 95 W. Well hold your horses, because has unveiled one such case known as the Fanless Case 0.1.

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Kingwin Stryker 500W Fanless Power Supply Review

Almost everyone wants the quietest yet most powerful computer possible. Most components generate noise because of the fans cooling them, or because of moving parts. Obviously, solid state drives have eliminated the necessity for moving parts for storage and liquid cooling can replace fans for most components. However, there's still one pesky component which still generates noise: the high wattage power supply unit. Fanless PSUs have been around for a while, but they're generally lower wattage and meant for business machines or ultra-efficient HTPCs.

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