Noctua Shows Fanless CPU Cooler that can handle the Core i9-9900K

At Computex cooling experts Noctua are showing off a bare metal passive cooling prototype. Currently this prototype is known just as a “Premium Fanless CPU Cooler”, but it has some very serious cooling power.

noctua fanless 4

While most passive heatsinks are made for lower TDP processors Noctua actually had this cooler running on a Core i9-9900K, which has a TDP of 95W! On the show floor at Computex “in the hot conditions of the Computex show floor for several hours” the processor ran around 95 degrees throughout the demo that Noctua showed. I don’t think anyone will be running a Core i9-9900K with a passive heatsink, but it is pretty impressive that the Noctua cooler keeps it under its max temperature.

noctua fanless 5

The cooler itself is made of thick 1.5mm aluminium fins with six very large copper heatpipes that come up from the base of the cooler and go into the fin stack. The entire cooler weighs in at 1.5kg. While Noctua did not give exact dimensions they do say that the cooler has clearance for PCIe cards and memory on LGA115x or AM4 motherboards.

noctua fanless 6

No word on pricing or availability at this time.

Via Sweclockers

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