FSP Debuts CM710 Open-Air Chassis

FSP had a very attractive new case they were showcasing at Computex this year. Right now it is called the CM710, and it is much different from their CMT340 we reviewed recently. The CMT710 is designed as an open-air chassis and is made from aerospace-grade aluminum and tempered glass. The case is titled forward and has two chambers, one on each side of the chassis.

fsp cm710 case computex 4

One chamber is made for you motherboard and graphics card where you have support for cards as long as 400 mm. On the opposite side you mount your power supply and there are mounts for 2.5-inch as well as 3.5-inch hard drives. Each compartment has room for 360 mm radiators as well.

fsp cm710 case computex 2

There is an ARGB strip that runs up the front of the case. According to sources the case could sell for around $500.

fsp cm710 case computex 3

Via KitGuru

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