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Raijintek Creates the World’s First Passive Liquid Cooler

When it comes to liquid cooling you typically need a pump to move the coolant through the loop and fans to dissipate the heat collected in the radiator. Well Raijintek has done away with both of those things to create the worlds first passive liquid cooler.

Arctic M1 Passive
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Arctic Alpine M1 Passive CPU Cooler Revealed

Arctic has just revealed a new passive CPU cooler designed for LGA115x processors. The Alpine M1 Passive is a fan-less CPU cooler designed with a cooling capacity of 48W TDP. So with that it is only recommended for dual-core LGA1150 and LGA1151 Core i3, Pentium, Celeron, or energy-efficient Core i5 processors.

Sapphire R7 250 Ultimate
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Sapphire R7 250 Ultimate Video Card Review

Sapphire’s R7 250 Ultimate graphics card is unlike most other R7 250’s out there. The thing that most people will notice is that it is 100% passively cooled. This means that there are no fans at all so it will be 100% silent during operation. This makes it the perfect card for those building a silent PC or home theater PC. On top of that this card is actually based on the “Cape Verde” GPU rather than the “Oland” GPU that most R7 250’s are based on. So you get 512 shader units and faster GDDR5 memory. Let’s see what this passively cooled card is all about!


Xilence RAM Cooler HP Duo Dual Heatpipe Passive Memory Cooler Review

Our friends at bgears have given us that option with the Xilence RAM Cooler HP Duo memory cooler. Xilence is a separate company that builds cases, power supplies, CPU coolers, and other cooling products; all with silence in mind, but their products are marketed in the US by bgears. The RAM Cooler HP Duo has a pair of copper heatpipes with lots of pretty copper fins, so besides providing extra cooling for those hot memory chips, you also get an excuse to add more shiny copper to the inside of your rig. Read on as I look at the HP Duo!

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