Silent GeForce GTX 750Ti/GTX 750 KalmX Series Cards Released by Palit

Palit has just announced a new line of of graphics cards, which they are calling KalmX. This series will be made up of the GeForce GTX 750 Ti and GeForce GTX 750. The interesting thing about these cards is that they have a large passive cooler, so not fans making any noise at all.

Palit Silent GeForce GTX 750 Ti KalmX

Because these cards feature a passive cooler, they also will not require any extra power connectors at all. The passive cooler is actually the first ever passive cooler for the GTX 750 / 750 Ti on the market. The cooler itself is made up of nickel-plated fines with two large nickel-plated heatpipes and a copper base. Having a passive cooler means that this card will produce 0dB when in operation, which makes it perfect for HTPC or small form factor systems.

Palit Silent GeForce GTX 750Ti/GTX 750 KalmX Series Cards

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